Engage with young Israelis and discover the State of Israel from a new perspective through online presentations, discussions, and workshops. Our sessions are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hebrew!

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Social Impact

Community. Accountability. Responsibility.

At IsraelTTLG we donate 10% of our profits to educational endeavours in Israel. When you partner with us, you support Israeli youth and invest in Israel’s future.

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We believe that even though we admire the State of Israel and love it with all our hearts, true appreciation can only be achieved by acknowledging the aspects that are sometimes unpopular or even problematic and not as progressive as some might like them to be.

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Through our multi-media programs, communities come together remotely to discuss and learn about Israel. This is done from the convenience of your own home, office, school, or any institution.

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Bar Cohen, Founder & CEO


COVID-19 has changed our world forever. Zoom, webinars, remote schooling, eLearning, online shopping – the virus has pushed us to adapt and take advantage of technology to keep up with this new reality.

While the consequences of the pandemic are tragic, it has also created opportunities for modern initiatives – Israel Through the Looking Glass being one of them.

I became aware that as schools, universities, synagogues, and other facilities started shutting down, people started to lose their sense of community. The loss of social interaction often manifested in feelings of loneliness and isolation. The sudden lack of community and a proper educational environment (Israel education included) planted a seed in my mind that grew into IsraelTTLG.

After investing hundreds of hours, I created a platform that would help communities interact AND give me the chance to engage and educate about Israel, one of my greatest passions.

As my initiative started growing, so did my operations, giving me the privilege to expand, hire an eager and inspiring team of facilitators and spread IsraelTTLG to communities across the globe. Sessions are now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Hebrew!


I welcome you to join us in planning a partnership that will be relevant and valuable for your community and will make an enjoyable and educational experience for all participants.



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