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Epstein Hillel School

Updated: May 4, 2021

Fortunate to have worked with grade 8 at Epstein Hillel School for the past few months!

The students of Epstein Hillel got to explore life in Israel from various aspects, over the course of a full semester partnership.

"As a teacher of Judaic Studies at Epstein Hillel School, I wholeheartedly recommend Bar Cohen's Israel program for your school. He delivered his Israel program very successfully to students in our eighth grade ... Bar delivered the lessons enthusiastically and made sure the students were engaged. I was very pleased with his approach." Shukie Sapir, Judaic Studies Teacher at Epstein Hillel School.

Epstein Hillel School recommending Israel thorugh the looking glass sessions

#SuccessfulPartnership #IsraelEngagement

From culture, youth, and community, through struggles and conflicts, we covered a wide range of topics regarding life in Israel. Throughout the sessions we learned and explored through conversation, short and full length Israeli films, music and online presentations.

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